Patriotic Beach Invitation

Red, White, & Blue

Celebrate your union with a tribute to the US of A. Stripes, stars, flags and maps can turn a regular beach wedding into something much more fabulous.

Our invitation is printed using watermelon-red and navy fonts on starch white thick linen stock, layered on 220 deep navy, then on a blue and white striped printed linen card. Silver and white baker's twine is wrapped around the invitation and r.s.v.p. card with the couple's initials on the tag.

A custom printed vintage map is cut into outer envelopes which are completed with vintage American stamps and addressed with a striped address label wrap.

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Photos by Marianna Jamadi

Add details

Be sure to add details to your event. Something as simple as an American flag can bring your whole theme together and makes for great action shots.

Envelope Details

If you don't have time to hand write your return and guests' addresses, use our Address Label Wraps. The front has where it's going to and wraps around the back to show where it's coming from. All with the same patriotic design.

A watermelon-red envelope liner with pin sized pok-a-dots tie in the invitation color and complete the look.


Paper coordinate! Order signage for all your menu items including your bar drinks and desserts.