Hunger Games Inspired Wedding Invitation


When designing paper with "The Hunger Games - Wedding in the Capitol" as the inspiration, the first thing I think of is the fashion. And who best displays that on the movie, but the gaudily dressed Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks. Her over the top fashion sense showcases the uber rich, and luxurious wealth of the Capitol.

The invitation we designed used geometric shapes, neon green, gold, purple satin, and glitter tulle. A light blush metallic invitation was mounted 3 times to frame the design. We used simple fonts, and kept the printed area clean to balance out all the glam. The invitation is enclosed in a gate folder with emerald green and purple metallic accents then adorned with ruched purple satin ribbon in the seams of the gate folder. The invitation is finished off with a hand made glitter tulle flower pom pom with a vintage button center to represent Effie's frequently worn headpieces.

Photography by Ed Carlo Garcia Photography - SF Weddings and Destinations


i don't wanna forget

Can you imagine pulling out your drafted crinkled up vows from some note pad you got for free in the mail, to your year-planned event of a life time? I think not! These vow cards are stylish and come with a ribbon that ties to your fiancés vow card with yours. Then becomes a personal keepsake for your future years of bliss.


table names

What do you do when you have a Hunger Games themed wedding? Name your guests' tables by district and the head table as the Capitol!

Katniss, peeta, gale...

Keep the theme going. The tulle used in the invitation wraps the utensils and was finished off with the a blush paper ring printed with Katniss' Mocking Jay in neon green then personalized for each guest.




Set the mood with signature drinks cleverly named after subjects in the movie. Make sure to word play and don't forget the Bar Menu!


I get even more excited for the food that's about to come, when I see gorgeous menus that display the succulent words of the specialty dinner I'm about to partake in. Get your guests excited and add decor to your table with gorgeous menus. These triangle menus included gold studs.

ever in your favor

Signage next to the cake is not only clever, but it makes for a great detailed shoot. Even if you don't have a theme, a sign with your names or wedding date is always a nice touch.